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Adwords Management

Take your Adwords Account to the Next Level

Google Adwords Management is our specialty and the simple fact is that managing Adwords isn’t as easy as it used to be. Google is constantly adding new features to the Adwords platform, such as Adwords for video, dynamic remarketing ads, new ad extension formats, product listing ads and even call tracking. We are on the cutting edge of everything Adwords has to offer – in fact we beta test a lot of the new Adwords features before they are even released!

Our Adwords management consultants have years of experience setting up and optimizing Adwords campaigns for eCommerce, national lead gen, local businesses and SaaS. We also offer Adwords management for agencies on a white label basis.

When you partner with us you can rest assured that you are joining a team that is as dedicated to your company’s online success as you are. The entire team is driven by Adwords performance marketing and our results speak to that mentality entirely.

Whether you need to increase Adwords sales volume, lower your CPA or add new Adwords features to your marketing program, we can help. Adwords management can be broken down into five distinct areas. When each of these areas work together you will reap the rewards of an effective and profitable Google Adwords account.

This is by far the most important piece to the Adwords puzzle. Unfortunately, it is also the biggest problem area we see in new accounts. When starting a new account we take a strategic look at your site and past performance to determine the best structure to build your Adwords account.

To bring you into the mind of a PPC Guy, here are a few questions we ask ourselves when structuring new Adwords accounts:

  • Will campaigns be based on location, built around specific brands or focused on niche keywords only?
  • Do high-volume and low-converting keywords need to be placed into separate ad groups or removed from the account completely?
  • How will we manage this account at scale and where should this Adwords account be 3 months from now?
  • Do custom remarketing lists, product listing ads or display campaigns make sense for your company’s goals?

After a proper Adwords structure is in place the process for managing keywords is simplified and manageable at scale. We will remove irrelevant search terms, extract exact match keywords into niche ad groups and continually research for new, potentially profitable keywords.

Here are a few questions to consider when managing an Adwords keyword list:

  • Have you conducted proper keyword research to ensure your keyword list reaches your entire audience?
  • Have you analyzed your competition (both organic & PPC) to see which keywords they are targeting?
  • Have you created a list of negative keywords to weed out irrelevant traffic? Did you also add negatives at the ad group level to ensure the right ad shows for the right keyword? This is commonly call Negative Embedded match.

There are many strategies available to manage the bidding process in your Adwords account. This strategy will vary in each Adwords account but the same principle applies, ensure all conversion data is accurate and your bids reflect the Adwords performance targets. Whichever Adwords bidding approach is chosen, make sure you stick with that it for the long-term.

Here are some questions to consider when approaching the Adwords bidding process:

  • What is the break-even point and what is an ideal cost per conversion for the Adwords account?
  • Does manual, CPA or rules-based bidding make more sense to manage bidding effectively?
  • Will keywords be managed at the ad group level, keyword level or a hybrid of both?
  • How will we keep track of past bid changes to ensure there is zero data overlap?

Ad copy is another important area to optimize for. Every ad group we set-up will have an A/B split test set-up to continually improve the CTR & CPA. We know what type of ad copy will accurately communicate your company’s message while performing well through Adwords. We have the capability to edit Adwords ads at scale and on-the-fly for new promotions, dynamic price changes or for new A/B tests.

After ad performance data starts to come in we will be able to analyze data and come up with unique insights about your target audience. Over time we can leverage this data effectively and enhance the effectiveness of our ad copy. Here are a few basic examples of Adwords ad tests:

  • After running identical ad copy to two landing pages we find that landing page 2 is performing much better than landing page 1. We should consider use landing page 2 across the board and test a new landing page variation against it.
  • We find that promoting “Free Shipping” versus “10% Off This Week” results in a strong improvement on CTR. We should move “Free Shipping” to more ads and test “Fast/Free Shipping” next.
  • After running a new sitelink extension format to six unique pages on your site we see that a specific link is getting a noticeably higher CTR & more conversions than the others. As a result, we should add this message to actual ad copy as well.

Even the most highly optimized Adwords account will not perform well if your landing page isn’t designed to convert. Our Adwords design team has the experience needed to ensure the pre-click marketing efforts aren’t wasted by weakness in the post-click conversion funnel.

We are here to construct, edit & test landing page designs. Without a proper landing page your Adwords efforts will only result in traffic, not new business. This is simply unacceptable, wouldn’t you agree?